Relationship-Centered Communication Skills for Racial Equity in Healthcare


Facilitated by Rosalind de Lisser, NP and Nynikka Palmer DrPH,MPH

This 3 hour online workshop will build upon the p rerequisite half-day fundamental relationship-centered communication (RCC) workshop by applying RCC skills to promote racial equity in healthcare. We will explore the impact of stereotypae threat and unconscious racial bias on communication between patients and other members of the health care team. Participants will employ role-play to apply RCC skills as both preventative and restorative strategies in combating racism. Participants’ own cases will be simulated to enhance relevance and direct application of the workshop content.


Participants will:

  1. explore the impact of their identities and unconscious racial biases on interactions with patients.

  2. practice applying RCC skills to prevent the negative effects of stereotype threat and unconscious racial bias in their interactions with patients.

  3. practice applying RCC skills to build or restore relationships when stereotype threat and unconscious racial bias have negatively impacted patients.

  4. develop an action plan that supports application of skills in clinical and/or team contexts.

Target Audience: UCSF Clinicians. Prequisite: Half day Foundational Communication Skills and/or School of Medicine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings are recommended but not required.

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