Enhancing Relationship Centered Communication Skills for Attending Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

Video: AACH Interview “Impact of Communication Skills & Training” Dr. Calvin Chou

Enhancing Relationship Centered Communication Skills” is a facilitated learning program where participants from different clinical backgrounds will come together with skilled communication facilitators to build on existing skills. The foundational half day course addresses the objectives below. Learning occurs in small groups with ample opportunity to practice new skills in a comfortable setting while addressing common scenarios directed by learners. At the end of the course, learners will commit to 2 new skills to augment their current communication styles.

Objectives (Enhancing Relationship Centered Skills Half Day Course):

  • Understand the importance and value of effective communication
  • Build rapport and relationships with others
  • Acknowledge communication barriers, with special attention on the computer and time limitations
  • Recognize another’s perspectives and concerns­­
  • Negotiate an agenda for an encounter
  • Ask questions using skilled open-ended inquiry
  • Listen reflectively and respond with empathy
  • Collaborate on a plan that others can follow

Advanced Offerings (Available to those who’ve completed the half day course):

  • Advanced Micro Skills Boosters ( NOW AVAILABLE)  (These are short classes delving deeper into specific communication challenges such as anger, feedback, breaking bad news, conflict.)
  • Book Club ( ON HOLD)  (a social gathering meant to build community among those with shared interest in communication skills)
  • Coaching ( AVAILABLE ONLINE ) (1:1 coaching by a skilled facilitator in your clinical setting)

Target Audience: UCSF Health Attending Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (CRNA, PA, NP, Midwife)

CME will be offered for the half day foundational course.

Other Information:

To register for any offering, please view Events tab. For any questions regarding registration please contact Angela Karahalios, UCSF Health Experience, at [email protected] or call 415-502-3770.